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What’s in the Box? #36

Hello last Wednesday in July…where has the summer gone?  But looking back on the last few months, I feel like I have made the best of my summer days.  Between blueberry picking, trips to the beach, park play dates and outdoor grilling, I have savored each moment of this lovely warm weather.  And as far as my fresh farm produce goes, I am enjoying every bite.  Especially all the delicious fruits.  They keep getting better.  And this week is no exception.  But before I get into everything I love about my current haul, let’s look back at the highlights of last week’s party.

A big thank you to the 63 link ups from What’s in the Box? #35.  Each one tickled my fancy.  I learned so much last week.  From how to freeze blackberries, to how to save a stalk of broccoli, to what in the heck is an Armenian cucumber?, my CSA knowledge continues to grow.  Who knew a link party could satisfy mind, body and soul?  Guess that’s the magic of fruits and veggies :)

And now on to MY fruits and veggies…

This week it is all about the nectarines.  Being reminded that the summer is coming to an end, each bite of these delicious gems will be celebrated and appreciated.  Yeah, that’s how much I love me some nectarines…to the last drop.  I am also excited that the pixie tangerines are back.  They are such a refreshing snack on these warm summer days.
Looking forward to a family gathering this weekend, I can’t help but bust out a crumble with these plums.  It is slowly becoming my signature dish and I love sharing its yummy goodness with others.  I will also be preparing a veggie platter with my spinach dip.  So the cherry tomatoes and carrots will work great as potential dippers.  And as beautiful as this fresh bunch of spinach looks, I will save that for dinner tomorrow night.  A quick sauté with some cloves of that garlic will be the perfect side dish.
I am loving this huge bunch of basil…with roots!  Which means it is the gift that keeps on giving.  Now to decide whether to plant it by my front door or down at the garden.  This could be the start of a small homegrown herb garden.  Pesto for days!
This lettuce is pretty darn fancy.  I attempted to use a few leaves on turkey burgers tonight and realized that they would work better as a salad.  Very curly and crispy which would work great tossed in a quick homemade vinaigrette.

Your turn:  What are some of your favorite ways to use the fruits and veggies shown?  Any special recipe, tips or tricks you’d like to share?  Looking forward to reading your responses :)

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What’s in the Box? #31

It’s no secret how much I love my Wednesdays.  But this Wednesday was even more special than the rest.  My brother and his fiancé came to visit before heading back to Fairbanks, AK where he is currently stationed with the United States Army.  It was so nice to spend some time together and get the chance to chat and catch up.  Harper loves her “Uncle” and “Koko” and was sad to see them go.  And as always, so was I.  My little brother is growing up and I am so proud of all his accomplishments.  Can’t wait to see him again soon.

So speaking of growing up?  Can you believe we had 58 link ups last week?  Wowza!  That’s a whole lot of CSA goodness :)  I hope you had the chance to check out each and every one.  We had everything from cocktails, to smoothies, to lasagna and soup.  Your posts continue to inspire me.  I am overwhelmed by all of the innovative ways to use my produce.  And each choice is yummier than the next.  Thank you for your continued participation :)  Keep up the good work!

Alright…time to spill the beans :)

But, before I go any further, I have to report, that 1/3 of this box is already gone.  Not only did my brother come to visit, he cooked a healthy and delicious meal that left my tummy happy.  His signature dish is chicken.  Simply grilled chicken has never tasted better.  We paired it with roasted carrots (which is my new favorite indulgence…they are the sweetest, yummiest little gems I have ever tasted) and a side of farro with kale (a Koko Likes original recipe).  My brother washed and prepared the lettuce for a side salad to round out the meal.  Fresh and delicious!

Now what about the rest of the box?  I am super stoked about the nectarines.  They are on top of my list for the best summer fruits.  No need to get fancy with them.  Eating them cold and crisp from the fridge is good enough for me.  And the apricots will have a similar fate.  With all of these fresh summer fruits, I would be happy eating fruit all day :)

I was also excited about the fennel.  It has been a while since we received fennel in our box and seeing everyone else’s fennel bulbs has got me jonesing for another round of my Braised Pork with Orange and Fennel dish.  It is a huge hit in our house.  Too bad I just juiced those oranges from last week.  They would have been the perfect companion.  Luckily my community garden has an orange tree, so looks like Harper and I will be taking a visit to collect some goods.  Oh, and while we are on the topic of juicing, I plan on adding these pixies to my freshly squeezed juice that is sitting in a pitcher in the fridge.  I am running a bit low on my stash and these tangerines will be just what I need to enjoy one last glass.

I have been dying to make these meatballs for dinner this week.  The red onions will work great in this recipe.  That is if Freddie doesn’t get to them first.  It’s always a fight for the onions in the house.  He usually wins but maybe if I bribe him with meatballs, he will let me use them just this once.

I must find an amazing recipe for the basil.  It is so beautiful it deserves to be the star.  It is currently sitting on my counter in a glass of water but before tomorrow ends, it will be made into a delicious tummy pleasing meal.  Let’s hope the recipe calls for celery too, because to be honest, I got nothing.

Your turn:  What are some of your favorite ways to use the fruits and veggies shown?  Any special recipes, tips or tricks you’d like to share?  Looking forward to hearing your responses :)

Linking up for the first time?  Click here for more info…and Welcome!  PS:  Don’t forget to tell your readers about the party by linking back to this post.  Thanks!

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What’s in the Box? #27

TGIW!  I might be the only person in the world who looks forward to Wednesdays, but Wednesdays are always so good to me.  And I am sure by now, we all know why

In addition to looking forward to my lovely box, I can’t wait to get a new link party started!  Last week we had 22 submissions!  A great turnout :)  I am having such a wonderful time connecting with everyone and learning about all of the new fruits and veggies.  You all are spoiling me with your awesome recipes.  Super CSA Rock Stars!  Thank you for continuing to participate.  I am loving the variety of produce that I am seeing and am digging your creativity on how to use it.

Speaking of variety…

There is a little bit of everything in this box.  Including a rainbow of colors :)

I can’t help but start with the red spring onions.  My gosh are they potent!  I think I got onion breath just by smelling them.  Now that’s fresh!  I probably won’t even get a chance to touch these bad boys.  Freddie already has dibs on them.  He might even eat them raw…yeah, he loves onions THAT much!  You know what else he loves?  Potatoes.  And he is especially a fan of my potatoes.  But this week, I really want to try out some homemade breakfast potatoes.  Maybe even hash browns.  It depends on how much energy I have when breakfast rolls around…can’t say I am much of a morning person.

But I am a cherry person!  Before I could get the veggies in the fridge I already devoured my cherries.  Is it possible that they are even better than the week before?  I attempted to share a few with Harper but she wasn’t too interested.  Which meant, there was more for me…YAY!  I almost dove into the strawberries too, but decided to save those for breakfasts and snacks.  I love popping a few into my yogurt and then topping it with a handful of granola…yum :)

I am super excited about the spinach.  It is one of my favorite veggies.  I tend to just like it sautéed.  I know that sounds boring, but it makes the perfect side dish for a healthy meal.  I will most likely add a handful of chopped elephant garlic too for extra flavor.  I love how mild elephant garlic is.  To be honest, the first time I received it in my box I was scared to use it because judging from the name, I thought the flavor would be overpowering (because elephants are ginormous animals…).  But since I have tried it, I actually prefer elephant garlic over regular garlic.

With a luscious head of green leaf lettuce, and a lovely bunch of celery, I can’t help but dream about a delicious salad.  I was once uninspired by lettuce, but since starting the link party, I have seen so many wonderful, colorful and flavorful salads, I look forward to exploring the possibilities.  Another veggie that has been sparking my creativity lately is beets.  You all have such amazing ideas for this humble root.  I have seen everything from beet soup, to beet chips, to beet salad and beyond!  Thank you for helping me expand my repertoire :)

I am not normally a fan of juice.  I tend to prefer sparkling water or tea, but I am currently loving fresh squeezed citrus juice.  And the pixie tangerines might be my favorite.  They are a great balance between sweet and tart, and make for a perfect beverage treat!  Not to mention boosting my immune system, to help keep the germs at bay.  Gotta love a good dose of Vitamin C!

Your turn:  What are some of your favorite ways to use the fruits and veggies shown?  Any special recipes, tips or tricks you’d like to share?  Looking forward to hearing your responses :)

Linking up for the first time?  Click here for more info…and Welcome!

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What’s in the Box? #26

As much as I love spring for all the beautiful, bountiful produce that is available, it’s hard to ignore the effect this season has on my allergies.  For some reason, this past week has been pretty brutal.  Runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing…constantly.  It’s been a bit unpleasant to say the least.  But when Wednesday comes along, and I open my box to find another round of fresh, local, and organic goodness, it tends to make up for all the temporary discomfort.

You know what else helps to take my mind off these stinkin’ allergies?  Our weekly link party!  And it continues to grow every week :)  Last week we had 23 link ups!  Make sure you check them out.  They are flooded with delicious recipes, killer cocktails and smart storage tips.  Thank you to everyone who has participated.  You are true produce rock stars!

For those of you linking up for the first time, click here for some info on party etiquette.  And welcome!  We are glad to have you :)

Looks like it’s my turn…

Yes!  Cherries!!!  Do you know how happy this bag of cherries made me?  How about happy enough to devour each and every one…immediately :)  Cherries are in my top favorite fruits and I wait patiently every year for my first delivery of cherries.  Glorious!

Can you believe I am also pretty psyched about that chard?  Thanks to the link party, I have an arsenal of delicious recipes that all include chard.  The hardest part is going to be deciding which one to try first…eeny, meeny, miny, moe!  (Am I the only one who uses this method to help make decisions?)

One thing I don’t have to think about this week is my lettuce.  There have been some pretty awesome salads linking up that are inspiring me to try new things.  One idea I love is to throw in some roasted veggies.  Those carrots will be the perfect addition.  And I am sure the avocados will make an appearance as well.  Maybe not in the same salad…but in one of my many versions of a salad.

Freddie is most excited about the chives.  Like I continue to mention week after week, that boy has lots of love for the entire onion family!  He enjoys them most when I mix them in with his morning eggs.  And do you know what else will go great with those morning eggs?  Some fresh squeezed citrus juice.  I have been mixing it up in the kitchen lately and have gone a little hog-wild with the juicing.  Last week I hand juiced all of the oranges and pixie tangerines.  I even added some grapefruit juice.  It made for a refreshing beverage.  So I am looking forward to a new rendition this week of pixie tangerines with a splash of lemon…yum!

For the cauliflower, it has been a while since I made a batch of Cheesy Cauliflower Pancakes.  Talk about delicious!  I love to serve mine alongside a juicy steak.  They are a great substitute for potatoes.  And I might just have to experiment by adding some diced leeks.  Until I began my CSA subscription, I had never cooked with leeks, but now I like to throw them into everything.  The flavor is so mild but I find it can make a nice, sweet, difference.

Your turn:  Any new ideas of favorite recipes you want to share?  What would you do with this box of produce?  Looking forward to hearing what you have in mind :)

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What’s in the Box? #25

Another Wednesday, another delivery box, another excuse for a CSA link party!  But then again, do we ever need an excuse to celebrate the goodness of fresh, local, produce?  I think not :)

Would you believe me if I told you we nearly doubled our participation last week from the week before?  We had 20 entries!  Yahoo!  Now that’s what I call a link party :)  I am sincerely grateful to everyone who linked up.  I truly enjoy drooling over each and every fruit and veggie you receive.  As well as the lovely ways you choose to prepare them.  I have found some great recipes that I can’t wait to try.  My hope is that both readers and bloggers are finding this venture just as helpful.

As much as I love the idea of a CSA, it can be a challenge at times.  For one, how can you possibly eat all of this gorgeous food before it goes bad?  And two, what in the heck is kohlrabi (insert any new and unusual veggie/fruit)?  My goal in starting this link party was to create a space where we can all get together and swap ideas.  Because as the saying goes, 2 heads (or 20) are better than one :)  Unless of course it’s lettuce and then…well, you might have to resort to eating salad for a while!

For those of you linking up for the first time, here are a few “party rules”.  Don’t worry, they are all fun :)

And now on to my box…

Can you smell the rosemary from here?  Before I could get my box open the aroma of rosemary hit me straight in the face.  Now that’s freshly picked!  To be honest, it took me a while to warm up to rosemary, but now I do my best to use it in everything.  It livens up veggies and transforms starches.  And a little goes a long way!  I think I might have to revisit my Chicken with Bell Peppers recipe.  It only calls for a small amount of rosemary but it will be a good place to start.  Would you be surprised if I served it with a side of steamed broccoli and a green salad?  Just a few of my simple staples that always seem to tickle my fancy :)

Speaking of staples, I love when I get things like garlic and onion in my box.  Almost every recipe I use calls for one or both, so getting them in my box means one less thing I have to pick up at the market.  Plus, the quality and taste are always superior to anything I can find in the stores.  So it’s a double score!

I am always grateful to get a bunch of red russian kale.  It is by far my favorite variety.  And it goes perfectly in my Sausage White Bean Kale Soup.  It’s totally not soup weather right now, but I’m going to go against the grain and make it anyways.  It is one of Harper’s favorites and well, I can’t seem to get enough of it either.

It’s been a while since I have gotten a head of red cabbage in my box.  The color is so beautiful and vibrant!  After watching red cabbage grow in our community garden, I have a whole new respect for this veggie.  So I want to make sure I do it justice, and not just throw it into a coleslaw or on top of tacos (although that works too).  I found this recipe last year and it ended up being a big hit.  Might have to try it again this time around.

So I have been feeling a bit naughty lately and instead of eating my carrots with a side of hummus this week, I think they need to find their way into some sort of baked good.   My mom just happens to make the most amazing carrot cake cupcakes ever and since she will be in town this weekend for Mother’s Day, we might just have to bake a batch (or two) to enjoy.  Looking forward to sharing the recipe soon :)

You know what I want for Mother’s Day?  How about some Waffles with Strawberry Basil Sauce with homemade orange/tangerine juice and a side of bacon…in bed!  Is that too much to ask?  Sounds better than a fancy restaurant brunch any day!  Fingers crossed…

Your turn:  Any new ideas or favorite recipes you want to share?  What would you do with this box of produce?  Looking forward to hearing what you have in mind :)

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What’s in the Box? #24

Happy May everyone!  Can you believe we are nearly halfway through 2012?  Crazy, huh?  Time is a tricky thing.  That is why I do my best to live in the moment, and enjoy where I am right now.  And Wednesdays are always good to me.  Nothing puts a smile on my face more than a fresh box of produce.  Because in case you haven’t noticed, I am a huge nerd when it comes to fruits and veggies, and yes, my day is made by the sight of this lovely goodness.

I want to thank all of my link party participants from last week :)  We had 11 bloggers join in.  That’s the most we have ever had.  I love how we are growing!  Let’s see if we can top that for #24 :)

New to the link party?  Check out the guidelines here.

Guess it’s my turn to gush…

A lovely rainbow of vitamins and nutrients.  Definitely most excited about the strawberries.  I have been on a recent kick of belgium waffles with homemade whipped cream topped with sliced strawberries for breakfast.  Don’t mind me while I indulge.  It’s a habit I picked up when I was little.  My family and I used to enjoy brunch on Sundays at a local beach club and this was by far my favorite item at the buffet.  And I have to say, Trader Joe’s makes a mean batch of frozen Belgium waffles.  Makes it an easy treat!  And while we are on the subject of breakfast, did you happen to see the size of those spring onions?  Biggest I have ever seen!  They smell delicious and will be the perfect addition to Freddie’s morning eggs.  Wouldn’t those pixie tangerines and star ruby grapefruits make a mean fresh juice to serve alongside our breakfast of champions?  Yeah, I think I just kicked it up a notch…

Mashed potatoes anyone?  I feel a delicious dinner coming on using those Yukon gold potatoes and that lovely rainbow chard and possibly the stir fry mix as well.  Now to figure out the protein.  I am still kind of loving the whole lamb idea.  I might just have to find a few more recipes to add to my repertoire.

And then there is our ever loyal lettuce.  As I mentioned before, sometimes salads can get old…quick.  So I am constantly thinking of new and creative ways to use my lettuce.  This week…I got nothing.  Although lettuce always works great for a garnish on a sandwich or burger.  Not the most fancy or exciting choice, but it will do.  Because just in case you didn’t know…lettuce doesn’t freeze well.  And yes, I tried it.  Back in college.  I was an amateur and was doing my best not to waste.  Just thought I would pass that bit of info along.  True story.

The cauliflower?  Already gone.  Demolished.  Loved it!  My new favorite way to eat it is to roast it.  And it turns out divine.  Wish it could have stuck around a little longer but my belly had other plans.  For dessert?  I am in the mood for some beet cake.  It has been too long since I reunited with my old friend.  And I think it is time that my beet cake makes a comeback.  Already drooling.

Your turn:  What are some of your favorite ways to use the fruits and veggies shown?  Any special recipes, tips or tricks you’d like to share?  Looking forward to hearing your responses :)

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What’s in the Box? #23

Can someone tell me what happened to the month of April?  It’s going to be over in a few days and I swear I was just playing practical jokes on my husband for April Fools.  But you know what they say…time flies when you’re having fun!  And I have been having a blast with this new “What’s in the Box?” Link Party :)

So did you guys get to check out all the CSA goodness from last week’s party?  The variety is overwhelming.  There were quail eggs, burdock, corn meal, cucumbers, wheat berry sprouts, sweet potatoes, pumpkins and fennel.  I think we might have covered the spectrum.  Thank you to everyone who participated!

New to the link party?  Check out the guidelines here.

Now on to the produce…

Ta-dah!  Another killer box filled with nutrients, goodness and the biggest green cabbage I have EVER seen!  My gosh…I thought a Cabbage Patch Kid might be hiding inside that massive globe.  This could easily make a saladsoup and some tacos and I am sure there would still be cabbage to spare!

And then you have those tiny pixie tangerines.  The smaller, the better.  They are so delicious and sweet, I really can’t get enough of them.  Pair them with sliced strawberries and you have a power snack that would satisfy any sweet tooth :)  Of course I always throw in some carrots and hummus to add some balance.  And then I can get through my day without a grumbly tummy!

Cooking dinner is by far one of my most favorite things.  I love to get in the kitchen and go to town.  It’s therapeutic for me and helps me to relax and unwind.  I have really been in to fish lately and I don’t plan on kicking the habit any time soon.  I never seem to get sick of my Halibut with Oranges.  Last time I made it I realized (a little too late) that we were fresh out of green onions, so I substituted some leeks instead and was very happy with the results.  The leeks added a lovely sweetness to the dish.  So these leeks and oranges will be having another rendezvous this week.

I am looking forward to having over company for dinner this week and will be preparing the artichokes as appetizers.  They are delicious when boiled and dipped in butter or mayo.  The spinach will also be the perfect side dish to the meals I have planned.  Possibly a side salad as well with that lovely head of red butter lettuce.

So what am I most excited about this week?  The sage.  Sage is definitely one of my favorite herbs.  It can easily become the star of the show and I have to say I kind of love that.  I can’t wait to try out some new recipes.  Or I might even try to get a hold of one of my dad’s famous chicken dishes…mmmm…I can already taste it :)

Your turn:  What are some of your favorite ways to use the fruits and veggies shown?  Any special recipes, tips or tricks you’d like to share?  Looking forward to your responses :)

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What’s in the Box? #21

Look who’s finally legal!  “What’s in the Box?” is officially 21 :)  As well as single, and ready to mingle.  And why not celebrate this wonderful occasion by inviting you all to join in on the fun.  Who’s ready for a “What’s in the Box?” link party!

After starting my “What’s in the Box?” weekly post, I have found so many other bloggers out there who are just as passionate about their produce.  So why not band together and create a space where we can share our weekly produce boxes with each other?  That way we can easily share tips and tricks on how to use some of our rare and obscure fruit and veggie surprises as well as some of our favorite recipes.

New to link parties?  A “link party” is when bloggers “link up” to a host/hostess page to share their common posts.  Click the icon at the end of this post and follow the instructions to add your link.  This link party will begin on Thursdays and last throughout the week.  Feel free to link back to the link party as you share your weekly produce boxes.

I am looking forward to seeing what you all have to share.  It is sure to take my excitement for all things fruits and veggies to a whole new level.

Now on to my box…

Looks like I will have a lot of roasting in my future.  To be honest, I wasn’t always thrilled about cauliflower, but now I look forward to getting it every week.  Roasting cauliflower is my new favorite thing.  I just can’t get enough.  And well asparagus, it’s really the only way I like to cook it.  Roasting veggies give them such an awesome flavor.  It’s simple and easy and oh so yummy.  I can’t wait to get busy.

And with another load of navel oranges, I might just have to prepare another round of Halibut with Oranges.  I know I made it last time I received oranges, but it’s just so good.  Plus Harper is bonkers for fish right now.  And with the roasted asparagus, it will prove to be the perfect meal.

I love getting items like onions and garlic in my box because pretty much all recipes call for at least one or the other…or both.  It is just one less thing I have to pick up at the market, which makes life just a tad bit easier.  This yellow onion might just have a party with that bunch of spinach, or mustard greens.  I love to sauté things with onions.  And so does Freddie.  As long as I put onions in his food, he will pretty much eat anything.  Happy hubby, happy wife!

I am still enjoying snacking on those pixie tangerines.  And apparently so is Harper.  I went to open on the other day and felt like I couldn’t peel it fast enough.  You would think my child was starving.  She was so excited for her slices of sweet and refreshing goodness.  And I can’t blame her.  It hits the spot each and every time :)

One thing she does not like…avocados.  I think she get’s it from her dad.  Freddie is not an avocado fan.  But he LOVES my guacamole.  So as long as the avocados end up in guacamole form, and I make it, he will eat it.  Otherwise, no way.  So we eat our fair share of guacamole in this house.  Which works just fine for me!

And finally, strawberries and red leaf lettuce.  Bet you know where I am going with this one.  I think a Strawberry Salad is in order.  It has been a while since I have made it.  I always intend on eating it as a side, but after going back for seconds and thirds, it ends up being my entire meal…delish :)

So the “What’s in the Box” party is officially on…looking forward to having you!

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What’s in the Box? #20

It’s the first Wednesday of April.  Does that mean it’s too late for an April Fools joke?  To be honest, I completely forget all about April Fools until late in the evening.  I tried to pull a joke on Freddie but apparently he couldn’t be fooled.  Oh well…guess I got to start planning my plots for next year :)

Moving on to my bountiful box…At first glance only one word comes to mind…YUM!

With Easter right around the corner I was excited to see some carrots.  Instead of putting out raw carrots for the Easter Bunny this year, I think I am going to prepare him a special treat.  Stay tuned for a yummy carrot dessert :)  And while I am in the mood to make sweets, I came across a new recipe for another beet baked good.  Can’t wait to try it out!

Speaking of trying things out…I attempted the dried strawberries last week, and they were a big disappointment.  Not bad, just not anything like the picture.  I didn’t hesitate to devour them because, after all, they are delicious strawberries.  But this week I will be keeping it simple and enjoying them on my oatmeal or in my yogurt.

I am still absolutely loving the pixie tangerines.  They are the juiciest things I have ever seen!  But I can never get the peel off without squirting juice all over my clothes.  I’ll do anything to get those little gems out of their skin.  Part of me wishes I had a citrus juicer so I could enjoy some fresh squeezed tangerine juice.  How good does that sound?!  I have a wood reamer that I use when I cook for quick juicing, but I think my little hands would get tired if I decided to use it to make an entire pitcher full!  Guess I know what I want for Christmas ;)  And really, I could totally justify it because I would be able to juice those grapefruits too!  And lemons, and oranges, and limes…I’d be a juicing maniac :)  But until Santa grants me my Christmas wish, I guess I’ll be throwing them in my purse and snacking on them while I’m on the go.  Because they truly are my favorite afternoon treat!

And now for dinner this week.  I have been eyeing this delicious soup recipe that I can’t wait to try.  Soup has been a popular meal lately because it’s an easy meal for Harper to enjoy.  So I like to make soup as often as I can.  The kale will be the perfect ingredient to add to the mix.  Served with a side of that gorgeous spring mix with a simple vinaigrette…mmmm.

Freddie already has dibs on the green onions.  The man loves his onions with his morning eggs.  Does wonders for the breath…trust me!

As for me, I will take the artichokes.  Not for breakfast, but for a wonderful appetizer before dinner.  Dipped in melted butter with a small squeeze of lemon and I am in heaven.  Now that I am drooling over my keyboard…

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and wonderful Passover!

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What’s in the Box? #19

Happy Thursday everyone!  My apologies for being tardy with this post, but we took an unexpected trip to the Emergency Room last night with Harper for yet another round of croup.  After spending 2 hours in the waiting room before being seen and another 3 hours of procedures, we were pretty worn out by the time we got home.  But the good news is Harper is feeling better and on the mend.

And the truth is, nothing does the body better than fresh fruits and veggies.  So I am continually grateful for my box full of yummy vitamins and nutrients.

I don’t normally get over the moon excited about lettuce.  As much as I love my homemade salads by the side, the truth is, they can get old…fast!  So I was glad to find this blog post on different ways to enjoy lettuce because now I look at this bunch of romaine completely differently.  Can’t wait to test out some of these delicious ideas.

One thing I never seem to get tired of is steamed broccoli.  I stepped out of my comfort zone last time and tried it roasted thought it turned out great.  But I plan on going back to my old staple this week.  And the lemon will come in handy because tossing the steamed broccoli with a little butter and lemon juice always gives it that extra something.

I love getting fresh garlic in my box.  It always seems so much more fragrant and tasty than the garlic you buy at the stores.  Plus, I have recently become obsessed with my new garlic keeper.  So it’s fun to have something to fill it with.  But a few cloves will definitely come in handy for Harper’s new favorite dinner.  I have never seen her scarf down anything so fast!  The recipe calls for potatoes,leeks, thyme and celery.  So looks like we only have the meat to pick up at the market and we are all set for dinner tonight :)

In the meantime I am going to munch on those pixie tangerines.  So sweet and delicious.  I just have one minor complaint.  They are a little tough to peel.  After being spoiled by all the satsuma mandarins we were getting, I have become used to the rinds practically falling off.  But these puppies take work!  Although, I have to say, the prize is worth the effort.

Another snack I am looking forward to are my strawberries.  I found a recipe for dried strawberries and so I have them in the oven as we speak.  Fingers crossed that they turn out well.

My last indulgence will be those Mexican guavas.  They are yummy eaten raw, but I like to throw them in a blender with some frozen fruit and enjoy them in a smoothie.  What a treat!

And now could I forget about those crunchy sugar snap peas.  Probably one of my most favorite veggies.  And for some reason I seem to love to serve them with pork.  I was never a big pork fan until I met Freddie but pork is one of his favorite proteins, so I make an effort to make it for him on a regular basis.  I hope to get around to sharing a great recipe with you all this week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  It’s almost here…

Here’s to healthy babies and healthy mommies (and daddies too…) :)

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