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Wagyu Beef Brisket Flat

$ 122

Our Wagyu brisket flat is a favorite among chefs and pitmasters around the world for its excellent flavor and high yields. Generally, the flat is the leaner of the two portions taken from the brisket, but our MS4 Wagyu beef, with its high ratio of intramuscular fat and its consistent marbling throughout, keeps our brisket juicy, moist, and full of rich beefy taste.

Sourced from Rangers Valley, our Wagyu brisket comes from one of the most respected premium marbled beef producers in the world. Specializing in Wagyu cattle and Black Angus, Rangers Valley works hard to raise the highest quality, best tasting, consistently tender, and delicious beef, for you, the discerning gourmand. A true passion project, we are proud to be offering their exceptional MS4 Brisket at Gourmet Food Store.

The brisket cut comes from the chest of the cow. Constantly used, this is one of the areas of the animal that gets heavy exercise and carries much of the weight. This results in a portion of meat that is very flavorful but tough and filled with a large amount of connective tissue. If cooked over low heat, very slowly, this same connective tissue and fat break down, softening into buttery soft, fall-apart tender meat. What’s more, it adds excellent flavor! The brisket once avoided for these very characteristics, is now a popular favorite of chefs and pitmasters around the world.

The brisket is composed of two muscles, which are often separated, before being packaged and sold. These two muscles are known as the point and the flat. The point, also commonly referred to as the deckle, is richly marbled and fatty; it sits atop the flat when the brisket is sold in one piece. The flat, on the other hand, is larger, thicker, and is slightly leaner. It has squared-off edges, giving it a fairly regular rectangular shape, and making it easily recognizable. The flat is a flavorful portion that slices down a surprising number of servings. Our 7.5 pound flat is the perfect choice when feeding a crowd or catering a large event!

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