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White Chocolate Crunchy Pearls

$ 45

Add an elegant touch to all your sweet creations with these White chocolate crunchy pearls. Perfect for finishing desserts or plating individual portions you’ll love the look these chocolate pearls create. Premium French chocolate maker Cocoa Noel manufactures these sensational chocolates from the highest caliber ingredients available. Carefully produced to ensure consistent quality you’re sure to always receive only perfectly formed, crunchy, and delicious pearls from Noel!

A toasted biscuit center provides a delightful crunch followed by the smooth and luxurious quality of premium white chocolate. Approximately 2-3mm in size our white chocolate pearls add a professional look to desserts and a tasty crunch you’re sure to love! Use them as a garnish on pudding, mousse, cakes, tarts, and ice cream. Standing up to the heat of the oven well, incorporate into batters and doughs with abandon. Suitable for chilled preparations as well, our crunchy orbs can be used as mix-ins for home-made ice creams, keeping their crisp center thanks to their covering of white chocolate. As versatile as they are delicious you’ll find yourself enhancing all your sweet preparations with our crunchy white chocolate pearls from Cocoa Noel.

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